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We offer the following courses in driver education and driver improvement:

Driver Improvement

This course fulfills requirements for those court-ordered or DMV-required to take a class in driver improvement.    Individuals may also choose to take this course voluntarily to improve their DMV record. 

Safe Driving for Mature Operators

Individuals age 55 or older may take this class for a reduction in insurance costs.  The reduction is good for three years, and interested persons should check with their insurance agent to see how much they can save by taking this course. 
 Please call for schedules and times.

Re-Examination Courses

This classroom course meets DMV requirements for those  under the age of 19 who have failed the written DMV test three times.  Once they complete this 36 hour course, these individuals may retake the DMV test. 
ATTENTION THOSE UNDER 19 THAT NEED THIS CLASS: I am hoping to schedule this class in March of 2015. It all depends on pre-registration.  This class is long and it is necessary to have at least 5 registered students before I can hold this class. PLEASE CALL NOW TO PRE-REGISTER...

There are new requirements for those 19 and older that have failed the test 3 times. 
This is the eight hour class for adults 19 and older... 
The next class is scheduled for Saturday, February 7, 2015.  Call to register, 434-372-5888

Those  who have failed the road test at DMV three times are required to take a 7 hour driving course. We offer this instruction, also. The seven period requirement is a change from the fourteen period requirement for those 19 and older.

Driver Education

Driver education consists of two parts:

Students under the age of 19 must pass a 36 period classroom portion of driver education.  In addition, they must pass a Behind the Wheel course consisting of seven periods of driving and seven periods of observation. Each period is 50 minutes long. 

Adult Driver Education

Individuals age 19 or older may take behind the wheel training in two ways:  they may pay for hourly lessons or they may enroll in the 14 period course that teens are required to take.

If you are age 19 or older and have completed the entire driver ed. requirements,(36 hour classroom and 14 in car periods), you may now be tested by a private driving school.  Proof of successful completion is required.  This is basically the same as a person under the age of 19.

Escort Vehicle Drivers Safety Class

These classes are new and a requirement for escort licensing in Virginia. NEXT CLASS JANUARY 21, 2015 

 Scheduled classes:

 Driver Improvement Program.
Saturday, January 24, 2015- 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Check out the schedule calendar for other dates and times.

If you work on weekends and need a class during the week, this can be worked out. Please call...434-372-5888

Re-examination Course for those age 19 and older. 
Saturday, February 7, 2015
Starts- 8:00 a.m.
Ends- 5:00 p.m. 

Cost of this class is $100.00.  Call now to register. 

Driver Ed. Classroom/Re-examination Course (under 19)

 Booking now for new class. Hoping to have enough students to have a class in March of 2015. 
 Call today to register or if you have any questions.

Safe Driving for Mature Operators
Call for details.  This class will get you a reduction in insurance premiums! (drivers age 55 and older).. Always check with your insurance company for the amount of discount. This discount is good for 3 years!


This class is a new requirement for those who drive as an escort driver for wide loads and over sized loads.  This is a one day class and proof of completion is provided that day. 
Please call to register.

Contact Information and Driving Directions:

Crowder's Driver Improvement Programs, LLC.
13695 Highway 47
Chase City, Virginia  23924


From South Hill:
Take Route 47 North.  Drive 15 miles to location on right. 

From Chase City:
Take Route 47 South.  Drive 6 miles to location on left.

From Boydton:
Take Route 92 North towards Chase City.  Travel 2 1/2 miles, then turn right on Hwy. 660 (Old Cox Rd.).  Continue to Hwy. 47; turn left and drive 1/2 mile to location on right.

***Located beside Country Boys, a convenience store.
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